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Duty to society!

As an enterprise in the chemicals industry, we see ourselves as committed to the development of innovative and at the same time sustainable solutions that improve the quality of life of people and make their future more secure. The IBU-tec brand stands for technological progress in a culture of lived values. We have also combined not only our know-how all about materials and processes and the wealth of our employees’ experience, but also the technological capacities and services so that we are able to support your product through all manufacturing processes and guide it to market success.

Our strategy

Whether in the chemicals, ceramics or automotive industries, in the building materials sector or the natural gas and oil industry - we are actively engaged in the future and have answers to elementary materials questions.

Vision & Mission

IBU-tec represents the establishment of a stable and distinguished company. A century from now, it will not only continue to operate from its base in Weimar, Germany, it will have expanded to other locations as well.

Our demand for sustainability

With far-sightedness, know-how and technology platforms, we have created the possibility to improve material, energy and input efficiency as well as the qualities of products significantly.

Our mission

As full service partner in the field of thermal process engineering it is our aim is to fulfil the materials demands of our customers, efficiently, quickly and with the appropriate quality, while innovatively supporting them in their challenges and value added processes.