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Our mission

We see ourselves as reliable and competent service providers and full service partners in the field of thermal process engineering. Our aim is to fulfil the materials demands of our customers, efficiently, quickly and with the appropriate quality, while innovatively supporting them in their challenges and value added processes.

We are a globally active enterprise and bear responsibility for our society, our environment and subsequent generations. Therefore we work according to high internationally recognised standards for sustainability, environmental protection and workplace safety.

We consider our employees to be our most valuable asset. With their knowledge, experience and daily commitment, they contribute decisively to our business success. Therefore we promote continuous education and training in all relevant fields. Our company and our service spectrum for our customers grow with their technical expertise.

IBU-tec, as a successful, medium-sized company takes its social responsibility seriously.  As such, we offer occupational trainings in various fields (for more information take a look at occupations and fields of work).

Trust, respect and tolerance are central elements of our company culture and the basis for our dealings with each other. We respect the dignity of people regardless of nationality, cultural background, origin, gender, social status, religion or handicap.