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An eye on your entire process!

Our company offers you independent solutions, services, consulting and engineering in every aspect of material and process development, contract manufacturing as well as plant optimization and engineering. We supply you with two established and flexible technology platforms for this purpose: our rotary kilns and pulsation reactors. With these you can test, measure and optimise new products as well as have them manufactured by us in small or medium-sized quantities. Here the focus lies in the qualitative improvement of material properties. Thus you can exploit new markets and minimise risks during the entire product life cycle with the advanced materials generated.

Our business model

With our know-how and technical facilities we can support you from the development to the scale-down of your products.

Our service portfolio

Independent solutions and services for everything involving materials research, product development and contract manufacturing of powders, granulate or suspensions.

Our market expertise

Whether Green tech, bonding & construction materials, chemistry or E-Mobility. Optimising and refining your materials lies at the heart of our daily work.