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Our business model

With our know-how and technical facilities we can support you from the development to the scale-down of your products. We support you either throughout the entire process or only in the segment relevant to you. 

A – Anticipating/future-oriented product and process development

Long-term success perspectives require early planning and fast reaction to new market situations. With our know-how our proprietary laboratory and the most modern kiln technology, we support you in the implementation of your ideas. We test and optimise the materials properties of your product.

B – Application tests and process optimisation

Before you establish your own manufacturing capacity for your new product, you can test small and medium-sized production volumes and prepare them with us for market launch. Thus you can win new customers for your material innovation quickly and without risk.

C – Peak load cover

During peak times or when there is only limited production capacity we along with our production facilities assure the deliverability of your products for several weeks or months.

D – Transition production

If you can no longer efficiently manufacture products because of their position in the life cycle but still want to supply the market, we can assume the transition production for you. Thus you already have the possibility to refit your plant for new products.