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The supervisory board

The supervisory board of IBU-tec advanced materials AG comprises three members. It meets several times annually to be informed about business activities, vote on decisions or to examine business documents submitted to it. The current members of the supervisory board are:

Dr. Hans-Joachim Mueller /Munich

Dr. Hans-Joachim Müller currently sits as the chairman of IBU-tec’s supervisory board, as of 2017. He obtained a PhD from the Faculty of Chemistry at the Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) in Munich, one of Europe's leading academic and research institutions. Following LMU, he completed a research fellowship at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). His professional career started at a German chemicals company and continued into Hong Kong, where he was leading business involvements in the inorganic materials sector of the Asia-Pacific region. Thereafter, Müller went on the Executive Committee of a leading specialty chemicals company. His responsibilities included the business units of Catalysis & Energy, Emulsions, Detergents & Intermediates and Oil & Mining Services. Today, as Group CEO of Azelis, Hans-Joachim Müller is ultimately responsible for implementing strategy decisions and for achieving the goals set by shareholders.

Dr. Jens Thomas Thau / Berlin

Dr. Jens Thomas Thau is an attorney-at-law specialised in labour law and has been a member of the supervisory board (deputy chair) since 2012. He also serves IBU-tec as legal counsel. After completing his studies in Berlin and New York he also worked as research staff member, coach for an Repetitorium and attorney-at-law. Today he is chairman of EBF Banking Committee for European Social Affairs, managing director and general counsel at AGV Banks and practises law in the firm Thau Rechtsanwälte.

Sandrine Cailleteau / Paris

Sandrine Cailleteau has been a member of the Supervisory Bard of IBU-tec since 2009. After her studies in Paris (Master of Business Administration), the political scientist enjoyed a long tenure at Sanofi (among other things as licensing and M&A  Director) and held various positions at renowned pharmaceutical, biotech and CRO companies (inter alia Fournier Pharma Inc, Hesperion and Plethora Solutions) in France, Switzerland and the UK, prior to moving to investment banking as head of healthcare at Michel Dyens & Co. In 2013, Sandrine Cailleteau founded SCiH Advisory, of which she is CEO.