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Sorting and screening

Our screening and sorting technology, with its variable particle size spectrum (0.04 - 7 mm), high selectivity and product ratios, can be used for a wide variety of screening contracts. Here granulation and thermal plants can be combined. Thus you can design your product and material tests as well as the development and market launch projects much more effectively.

Periphery:  Sorting and screening
TypeNumberAttainable throughputUse limitsSpecifications/ special characteristics
Multi-deck Screens1up to 1,000 kg/h0.1 mm to 7 mm7 decks
Vibration-whirl sifting machine1up to 500 kg/h40 µm - 1,000 µm 2 decks/Ultrasound cleaning
Vibrations-whirl sifting machine1up to 350 kg/h40 µm - 1,000 µm2 decks/ball cleaning
Round-vibration Sieve1up to 350 kg/h40 µm - 1,000 µm2 decks/ ultrasound cleaning
Single deck screen2up to 100 kg/h0.2 mm bis 5 mm1 deck/only for removal of oversized and undersized particles