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Increased efficiency and economic potential

Our pulsation reactor technology stands for maximum efficiency and highest profitability. This is reflected in its

Process efficiency
One of the peculiar strengths of the pulsation reactor is the ability to simplify manufacturing process. In order to produce powdered inorganic specialty chemicals, the following process engineering basic operations are typically used:

  • Precipitation of reactant/ suspension preparation (in a tube reactor)
  • Filtering (in a filter press)
  • Drying (in a belt dryer)
  • Calcination (in a pusher kiln)
  • If needed grinding or de-agglomeration (in an airstream mill)

The pulsation reactor is the only reactor capable of combining all of the foregoing process engineering basic operations. It should be mentioned however that the pulsation reactor is not a mill. Nonetheless because of the individual particle treatment, there is a much lower tendency toward agglomeration or fusion of fine particles manufactured in the pulsation reactor than with particles calcinated in static bed plants. Thus subsequent grinding can often be omitted.

The combination of process steps, for example even only drying and calcination, thus reduces your time, coordination effort and cost.

Input flexibility
You retain flexibility in the selection of inputs and can choose the least expensive variant since the technology is suited for powder, solutions and even for fine granulate.

Product efficiency
Materials produced in our pulsation reactor can increase product efficiency on numerous levels. With especially effective, selective basic materials, you can reduce the use of catalyst inputs for example. With more homogenous ceramic powder qualitatively new types of products are created the properties of which make them suited for high performance.

Our pulsation reactors can be flexibly adjusted to your requirements, conditions and even to shifting production volumes. The technology is distinguished by the simple and robust construction of its equipment. We always perform tests using facilities as close as possible to manufacturing conditions. Despite pulsation conditions even upscaling is relatively easy.