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Production plant pulsation reactor

With five different pulsation reactors we can individually serve the customer-specific requirements for various materials systems, materials characteristics and process conditions.

The Following pulsation reactor capacities are available for trails
CharacteristicHot gas AtmosphereResonance Time
Nominal Capacity
HeatingTemperature Range [°C]Material Flow Rate
Classification/ Remarks


0.1 to 1250natural gas500 up to 950bis 160production plant
PR7oxidizing0.1 to 1250natural gas500 up to 950bis 160production plant
PR8oxidizing0.1 to 1250natural gas500 up to 950bis 160production plant
PR9oxidizing0.1 to 1250natural gas500 up to 950bis 160production plant, DeNOx


oxidierend inert0.5 to 2500natural gas, (H2)250 up to 950bis 160production plant