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Where engineering art meets customer wishes!

Versatility, robust design, high operational safety and variable throughput rates—these are the attributes characterising our rotary kilns. Currently furnished with eleven different plants, directly or indirectly fired and if needed coupled with peripherals, we can fulfil customer-specific demands for different material systems, material properties and process conditions.

Treatable inputs:

  • Fine grain materials
  • Coarse grain materials
  • Suspensions
  • Powders
  • Granulates
  • Moulded forms




Functional principle and phenomenology

The rotary kiln technology is a thermal process zur gleichmäßigen Behandlung von Schüttgütern wie beispielsweise Pulver und Granulate.

Production plants

With six different rotary kilns - four of which are indirectly heated, two directly heated - we can individually fulfil customer-specific production requirements for different materials systems, materials characteristics and process conditions.


The IBU-tec kilns are used for calcination, sintering, pyrolising, firing and roasting. Treatment temperatures range from 50 °C – 1,550 °C.


Due to our unique technical equipment with a wide range of kilns and plant peripheries, we are well prepared for various applications.