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Develop ideas into marketable products!

Whether innovative granulates, new powders or high-grade suspensions, or the use of raw materials and by-products - we are open for the future visions from every industry and business size. With laboratory analyses, with tests and above all with our know-how, we support you in development of both your materials and processes.

  • Your new materials are examined under specific marginal conditions to determine their realisation potential in project and feasibility studies.
  • Upon request we work out all the theoretical process steps for you and together define the desired product parameters.
  • With test series in laboratory scale, we test the thermal processes in order to define the reaction conditions and design the reproducible product quality. 




Development example: Zirconium oxide

The zirconium oxide manufactured for a public sector customer is an optimised material for high performance ceramics. These presume extraordinary mechanical, thermic and bio-chemical properties.

Development example: Activated charcoal pellets

In order to expand the application range for activated carbon as a filter medium, we have developed carbon with various BETs.

Development example: Gravel pack

Since oil and natural gas deposits are extracted primarily from porous geological formations, we have developed proppants and gravel packs that substantially ease the extraction of these primary resources.