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Entwicklung Kugelaktivkohle bei IBU-tec

Development example: Activated charcoal pellets

In order to expand the application range for activated charcoal as a filter medium, we have developed charcoal with various specific surfaces (BET).

Here easy handling and filtering capacity were important criteria. To date common activated charcoal powders have failed to meet these demands. Our activated charcoal pellets are convincing both from technological and economic aspects. Their peculiarity lies in the enormous inner surface and fine network of outer and inner pores and channels. This means gases can be absorbed like with a sponge. 

Technical details and characteristics
Colour and shaper


black, sphereoptical
Moisture content% ≤ 2,0DIN 51718
Sulphur content%≤ 1,0internal AA4.2-M10
Specific surface BET [N2]m2 / g1.250 +/- 50 internal
Bulk density rsg / cm30,41 +/- 0,02according to DIN 51718
Particle size distribution PSD-fraction [mm]%> 0,71
0,71 - 0,63
0,63 - 0,5
0 - 12
20 - 50
35 - 55
DIN 66165
Average. particle diameter d50,3%0,50 +/- 0,1Calculated from PSD
pH-value-8 - 9,5internal CH 15 / CH 11
Ultimate strengthg≤ 1.000 internal