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Entwicklung von Stützgranulat bei IBU-tec

Development example: Gravel pack

Since oil and natural gas deposits are extracted primarily from porous geological formations, we have developed proppants and gravel packs that substantially ease the extraction of these primary resources.

On order from a US firm, we produce an especially light gravel pack. The granules have a significantly lower density than comparable sand or ceramic proppants. This permits much better placement in horizontal bore holes.

Specifics and quality parameter of the Gravel-Pack
Quality parameterUnitData
Specific gravity[g/cm31,8
Crush (at 2.000 psi)[Gew.-%] Feinanteil≤ 2,0
Krumbein shape factor roundness[-]≥ 0,7
Krumbein shape factor sphericity[-]≥ 0,7
Acid solubility[Gew.-%]≤ 3,0
Turbidity[NTU]≤ 250
16/40 insize[%]≥ 96
Fraction in12 #[%]≤ 0,1
16 #> 96
20 #
25 #
30 #
35 #
40 #
pan≤ 2

Specification and quality parameter 16/40: (according to API Recommended Practice 58, DIN ISO 13503-2)