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One stop full service!

So that you can develop new markets or expand your fields of application, we have supplemented our plant engineering with a range of different peripheries. This enables us to undertake very individual process steps for you within your supply chain. For instance, we are able to manufacture, pre-treat and condition inputs. The aggregates thus can be deployed in a largely modular manner. In addition we can also sort, homogenise or perform other post-treatment handling. This bundling of process steps under one roof reduces transport distances and costs. The assembly and adjustment work incurred is performed in our own workshops.

Conveying and dosing

One of the basis requirements for continuous plant operation is proper conveyance of bulk material and exact dosing.

Mixing and granulating

Our mixers and granulators are exceptionally suitable for your tests, product optimisation, development and market launch projects.

Sorting and screening

Our screening and sorting technology, with its variable particle size spectrum (0.04 - 7 mm), high selectivity and product ratios, can be used for a wide variety of screening contracts.

Exhaust after-treatment

To treat your materials with care for the environment, we apply various processes and equipment for exhaust gas after-treatment.