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Mixing and granulating

Our mixers and granulators are exceptionally suitable for your tests, product optimisation, development and market launch projects as well as for analyses to increase the efficiency of your on-going production because of their high degree of flexibility, extensive adaptability and high throughput rates.

Periphery: Mixing and granulating
TypeNumberTypical sizeAttainable throughputConstruction materialSpecifications/ special characterisitcs
Intensive mixer R2 1Useable volume: 3.5 l N/AStainless steelLaboratory mixer
Intensive mixer R111Useable volume: 250 l Up to 1,000 kg/hCarbon steel Batch mixer suitable for tests or production, highly automated
Cone mixer21 x à 1,500 l
1 x à 2,500 l
Up to 400 kg/hStainless steelBatch mixer suitable for tests or production
Lödige ploughshare mixer43 x à 600 l
1 x à 300 l
Up to 300 kg/h (depending on material)Stainless steelBatch mixer suitable for tests or production