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Materials and process tests

Your test programme begins with us by defining the desired product parameters and agreement as to the process steps. Based on available laboratory results and your or our experience we then conduct the small-scale and pilot plant tests for you in our rotary kilns or pulsation reactors. If neither the know-how nor laboratory results are available, we can generate these for you in the context of our contract R&D (Link zu Contract Manufacturing setzen). After the test series is completed the process control is upscaled under pilot plant conditions. As a result, you obtain high-grade products with properties and application behaviour exactly matched to the respective market requirements.

With us as partner you can:

  • Collect initial technical experience
  • Check the technical feasibility
  • Test the thermal process
  • Manufacture your product in small or sample quantities
  • Measure emission values
  • Control and monitor your quality
  • Perform process chemistry investigations.

After a successful test phase we can use all the laboratory and test findings in order to specify the requirements for industrial scale production.