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Test planning

We have gathered many years of experience conducting materials and process tests. This is bundled in a customer-oriented concept for test planning and performance. The aim is to keep the duration as short as possible in order to obtain the finished product or process as efficiently as possible. Our procedure is therefore structured in various process steps, which can be followed optionally. Depending on the progress or customer requirements, steps can also be omitted. 

Step 1

  • Joint discussion of the concept with exchange of information as to aim, ideas, clarification of issues, if applicable non-disclosure agreements also with partners (consultants, plant engineers etc.)

Step 2

  • Delivery of inputs, reference products, including safety data sheets to IBU-tec
  • Preliminary feasibility estimate based on analyses of inputs and reference samples of future product

Step 3

  • Conduct of experiments in laboratory scale with variations in starting material or parameters
  • Manufacture of small sample quantities to perform initial application tests

Step 4

  • Support for construction of your own plant by means of knowledge transfer and other advice
  • If applicable, process optimisation (e.g. increase in throughput)

Step 5

  • Production of material quantities in industrial scale