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Material properties defined exactly!

Our pulsation reactor is worldwide a unique patented technology platform based on a thermal process. It serves the manufacture of fine grain powders with special properties. For instance the particle temperature, treatment period, frequency and amplitude can be determined precisely, enabling specific influence on the particle size, surface properties and phase composition.

The pulsation reactor is especially devised to manufacture the finest powders from solutions or suspensions as well as one-step drying and calcination of moist powders. Thus the technology is suitable for

  • Ceramic powder with small primary particles,
  • Catalysts with specific desired surfaces
  • Bespoke mixed oxides
  • Coated/ impregnated media for catalysts (from suspensions and moist powders)
  • Additives for plastics and paints (UV protection, scratch resistance, transparency).




Functional principle and phenomenology

Our pulsation reactor comprises a hot gas generator, the resonance tube and a filter system. The pulsating hot gas stream is produced by means of unsteady periodic natural gas combustion.

Test facilities

With two different test facilities of our pulsation reactors we can individually serve the customer-specific requirements for various material systems, material characteristics and process conditions in customer trials and small amount productions.

Methods and processes performed

Drying, calcination and coating, manufacture of homogeneous mixed oxides and materials synthesis from the gas phase are the core processes of our pulsation reactors.

Attainable material properties

On account of very high heating and cooling rates and the greatly increased thermal transitions of the particle due to the hot gas, our technology can specifically influence the particle properties. Achievable particle sizes range from sub-micro to micrometre range.

Increased efficiency and economic potential

We are prepared for the widest range of possible applications because of our unique technology centre with a numerous diverse kilns and peripheral equipment.