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Functional principle and phenomenology

Our pulsation reactor comprises a hot gas generator, the resonance tube and a filter system. The pulsating hot gas stream is produced by means of unsteady periodic natural gas combustion. The educt can be fed as powder, solution or as suspension. Material treatment proceeds within the resonance tube using the hot gas stream. The reaction is ended by means of suitably defined cooling. The product is separated using a filter and filled in barrels or big bags. Since a light vacuum prevails within the entire reactor, leakage of the product into the environment is prevented.

ParametersTechnical capabilities
Variable thermic ouput rangeabout 150 kW to 500 kW
Material feedpowder, solutions and suspensions, as well as fine granules
Material treatment temperature250 °C - 1,300 °C
Frequencyadjustable (10 Hz - 300 Hz)
Residence TimeT: 100 ms - 10s
Hot gas atmosphereoxidation, oxygen-free
Material feed quantity10kg/h - 150kg/h (depending on fuel system)