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Test facilities: Rotary kiln

Our test plants are modularly constructed, easy to clean and disassemble. They are not highly automated but are thus flexible and can be used/ adjusted for your tests - depending on the task. Various directly and indirectly heated rotary kilns are available for upscaling tests or manufacture of sample quantities:

The following rotary kiln systems are available for trials
Identification Heated kiln length [m]Inner diameter [m]HeatingTemperature range [°C]Raw material throughput [kg/h]Operating conditionsSpecial features
Small rotary kiln (KDO)70.3natural gasup to 1,55020 - 100counter current or co-current flowvibration cooler, tube cooler, reducing gas atmosphere possible, TAB
Batch rotary kiln (BDO)0.60.35natural gasup to 1,40015 l volumebatch operation

batch kiln for small amounts

Indirect rotary kiln 1 (IDO1)30.4electricalup to 1.15010 - 100counter current or co-current flow, batch operationdefined gas atmosphere
Indirect rotary kiln 2 (IDO2)2.50.35electrical50 - 1,20010 - 100counter current or co-current flow, batch operation4 independent heating zones
Indirect rotary kiln 4 (IDO4)10.1electrical50 - 1,1000.1 - 2counter current or co-current flow, batch operationdefined gas atmosphere, TAB
Indirect rotary kiln 8 (IDO8) 10.1electrical100 - 1,4000.5 - 2counter current or co-current flowceramic tube