Precise Production for Cost Efficiency and Assured Quality

Using advanced technological measuring equipment, we can evaluate your process and plant to discover hidden potential for optimization and/or improved product properties. Dust, gas and temperature measurements can be carried out on your materials processed using our plants or on-site at your plant. The measurements provide the basis for testing of new thermal processes, plant evaluation and optimization as well as achieving cost and energy savings. 

  • Measurement of flow rates and dust concentrations as well as gas, product and wall temperatures, even in areas at very high temperatures
  • Determination of gas concentrations (e.g. O2, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, Cl, F) and heavy metal content (e.g. Hg) in exhaust gases and within the system
  • Establishment of mass and energy balances in the overall system and individual components
  • Mapping of mass flow rates throughout the system
  • Determination of filter efficiencies and air-leak flow rates.
  • Corrosion studies (determination of acid dew point, sampling and analysis)
  • Evaluation and calibration of plant measuring and monitoring systems
  • Design and implementation of monitoring systems