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Balancing the material and energy flows

Balancing methods form the basis for detecting the actual status of your rotary kiln plant in order to deduce capacity expansions, as well as attaining information relating to implementing savings for raw materials and fuels. They also serve as a basis for designing new plants in terms of dimensioning and energy consumption.

The capture of the actual status by IBU-tec generally comprises the following:


1. Measurement

  • Visiting the plant to inspect the existing measurement points and measuring equipment
  • Determining the balancing limits, discussing possible additional measurement points and other measurements
  • Inspecting the operational measurement points
  • Executing a measurement


2. Creating a mass and heat balance


3. Evaluation

  • Creating a process description
  • Results from the measurement
  • Illustrating the mass and heat balance
  • Technical evaluation of the plant
  • Proposals relating to capacity expansion and/or optimising the plant