Lithium Iron Phosphate - LFP 400

Cathode Material in Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) is an increasingly important cathode material found in modern batteries. Due to its high stability and non-toxicity, environmentally friendly LFP is considered an exceptionally safe battery material for use in electric mobility and stationary energy storage systems.

LFP from IBU-tec

Our LFP manufacturing process was developed in conjunction with distinguished partners and ensures outstanding production performance with consistently high quality. First, the raw materials undergo spray-drying. After refinement in the rotary kiln, only a milling with comparatively low specific energy input and short residence time is needed. Protective screens and magnetic separators remove any impurities and ensure the highest product quality.

The coarser-grained particles of the LFP 400 can provide performance advantages over the widely used LFP 200. The particularly round particle shape enables more uniform charging processes and contributes to higher battery power densities.

LFP 400 cathode material is manufactured by IBU-tec and can be purchased through our sales partner.