IBU-tec Group

Products, Services and Expertise for the Chemical Industry

The IBU-tec Group combines know-how and production capacities in two very demanding chemical industry fields: thermal processes at IBU-tec and wet chemistry at our subsidiary, BNT Chemicals.

Custom-made processes and in-house products

Regarding the service business, decades of expertise have allowed us to develop customized  process solutions for you – from laboratory scale to contract manufacturing or engineering services for your own production. IBU-tec has earned an international reputation, especially for processes in rotary kilns.

Specialized in-house products form other aspects of the group: from organometallic catalysts and glass coatings to pigments and battery materials.

With five locations in Germany, around 240 employees work for global customers – in laboratories, production facilities, development, logistical support and other areas. IBU-tec and BNT are firmly anchored as training companies for a total of nine professions in Weimar and Bitterfeld – ranging from business operations to laboratory and technical professions.