Life in Weimar & Bitterfeld

Land and Leisure at our Main Locations

Weimar and Bitterfeld-Wolfen are home to the two largest IBU-tec locations – gain a little insight into our great quality of life, culture, cuisine, education, shopping and much more! Take a look around, you might like it here!

"Weimar is in actuality a park in which a city is located."  – Quote from Adolf Stahr, 1871

Weimar – Headquarters

Living and working where others go on vacation: IBU-tec has always had its headquarters in Weimar: known for its cultural heritage, the birthplace of German democracy, Bauhaus University, and much more. The spirit of Weimar is deeply rooted within the culture of our country. With around 65,000 inhabitants, Weimar is located in the green heart of Germany in the Thuringian Basin halfway between the capital Erfurt and the university town Jena – an oasis of culture that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Those who live in Weimar can enjoy an amazing variety of cultural offerings – everywhere there are traces of the great past with its many famous inhabitants such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Liszt, and of course Goethe and Schiller. Castles, parks, museums, a world-famous university and many libraries line the streets. Numerous picturesque gardens, country estates and palaces lay just outside the city. Not only will those interested in the classical period be excited about Weimar: the city is also the birthplace of the Bauhaus and closely intertwined with the democratization of Germany through the birth of the Weimar Republic.

With many arts and cultural events, Weimar offers a rich range of leisure time opportunities – world renowned stars come to the city on the Ilm, to Erfurt or to Jena, and our concert calendar always has one or two surprises in store! Weimar can also offer a wide range of cafés and restaurants – from traditional Thuringian cuisine or Tex-Mex to many good Vietnamese, Korean and Indian spots. Weimar boasts a 1950’s American diner and some fantastically excellent Italian places. Additionally, one can find acclaimed sophisticated cuisine in Weimar – you could spend countless evenings sampling the cities rich gastronomic landscape.

A considerable number of boutiques alongside larger department stores invite you to stroll in and shop – From the usual chain stores to our many small, locally owned and operated boutiques, ranging from faire trade shops to a more classic style. Centuries old bookshops invite you to browse and specialty shops of various culinary inspirations meet the needs of hobby chefs – as does the weekly farmers market in front of the city hall.

Speaking of markets: For almost 400 years, the annual Onion Market has attracted visitors from all over Germany with its traditional craftsmanship and countless concerts. Many other events liven up the year – lithe Fête de la Musique, the annual Wine Festival or the huge Weimar-wide Flea Market and Soapbox races every May Day.

Weimar has the world-famous Bauhaus University, a Music School, and educational opportunities very attractive to families with children with a number of kindergartens and childcare centers, many playgrounds and numerous parks in and around the city. These are complemented by several museums and cinemas. The educational opportunities for kids range from state schools to private educational institutions, e.g. the T.H.I.S. International School (English speaking), and a Waldorf School. Numerous amenities enrich city life. Weimar's club and association landscape is very large. A wide range of sports, cultural and social clubs compose an important part of city life.

With a direct connection to the A4 and close proximity to the A71, Weimar is very easy to reach by road and is conveniently located between international airports Erfurt-Weimar and Leipzig. In addition, there is an excellent public transport network throughout the region and a central train station with good connections to the long-distance transport network of Deutsche Bahn. The compact size of the city offers short commutes, most of which can also be easily navigated via numerous bicycle paths.

Bitterfeld-Wolfen – Production Site

The Bitterfeld-Wolfen Chemical Park is home to an IBU-tec production site as well as our subsidiary BNT Chemicals GmbH. The nearby town that gave the chemical park its name numbers approximately 40,000 inhabitants and is located in the district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld in Saxony-Anhalt – a nice industrial city on a lake. With only 25 km distance to Halle an der Saale and 35 km to Leipzig, Bitterfeld-Wolfen is also close to two interesting excursion destinations.

The Anhalt-Bitterfeld landscape is closely tied to water – the rivers Mulde and Elbe as well as the Saale and many other small rivers, streams and lakes characterize the typical landscape of this central German region.

Bitterfeld-Wolfen is very easy to reach from all corners of Germany with the ICE/IC connections of Deutsche Bahn and direct proximity to the A14 and A9 motorways. From the nearby Leipzig-Halle Airport, destinations throughout Europe and the world can be easily reached. Extensive infrastructure coupled with a well-developed public transport system ensure short distances commutes.

The shopping facilities offer everything you can expect from an economically healthy city – and even go beyond – as the Nova Eventis nearby on the outskirts of Leipzig is also one of the largest shopping malls in Germany.

The Bitterfeld-Wolfen region also scores points with a charming­­ natural landscape which invites you to­ relax in the countryside. Extensive trails alternate with cycle paths around the city giving you the opportunity for hours of hikes and rides.

With its lake and water landscape of 24 km, the nature parks of Düben Heath, Fläming and the Landscape Park Goitzsche are ideal for weekend trips: lake promenade, harbor and the water level tower are worth a detour! In addition, there are several beaches – leisure activities can be found in the surrounding area all year round.

A visit to the largest contiguous floodplain forest in Central Europe, the Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve, is also very worthwhile. Maybe you have already accidentally read "Middle-earth" with these lines – not only linguistically you can feel reminded of Tolkien's fantasy world!

Housing options are very diverse and range from residential houses and farms with close proximity to nature in the vicinity of Anhalt-Bitterfeld to typical small single-family houses, condominiums and rental flats with a city center feel.

Bitterfeld-Wolfen and the entire district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld offer very good care for children as well as a wide range of educational opportunities for young people and adults. There are numerous day-care centers, primary schools, special and secondary schools as well as community schools and an integrative comprehensive school. Several grammar schools and vocational schools as well as a university and an adult education center round off the educational offer to the region.

The city of Bitterfeld-Wolfen is characterized by diverse clubs, work and a varied cultural and sporting life.

This is evidenced by an assortment of municipal institutions, various museums, libraries and much more. In addition to regular small events, attractive major events such as the Goitzsche Marathon, the Harbor Festival, the Art and Culture Week or the Club and Family Festival also attract visitors.