Material Development & Analytics

We Turn Your Idea into a Quantifiable Market Advantage

Successful results begin in our lab. Whether your material is a granulate, powder or suspension – with IBU-tec, your ideas are in good hands from the start. In order to develop your materials in strict accordance with your specifications, we employ our decades of experience in thermal processing, chemistry and mineralogy to every project we serve. You can rely on our support throughout the entire product life cycle from material and process development to the end result.

From Great Idea to Great Finished Product

Great products start with great ideas, but if your idea isn't supported by professionals with the experience and knowledge to bring it to fruition, your inspiration may never leave the drawing board – Let our preliminary laboratory trials give you the best possible start for a successful product run. Regardless of your industry or the size of your enterprise, IBU-tec begins by using skilled analysis to optimize the industrial aspects and maximize the economic return of your product and process at every stage.

  • Feasibility studies will quickly assess the practical potential of your materials and ideas
  • Upon request, IBU-tec will determine the necessary process steps and finalize the target parameters with you.
  • IBU-tec can test your thermal process in order to identify the conditions required to reach your material development target, as well as provide which steps are required to achieve reproducible product quality.
  • IBU-tec will generate a detailed estimate of your projects feasibility and the essential process parameters needed to achieve the desired result.

Project Procedure

The Best Equipment for the Best Results

Our comprehensively equipped laboratories and the cumulative experience of our experts are available to carry out the necessary analyses for your process development project upon request. We can measure any parameters that are relevant for success – whether the material system is simple or complex and regardless of product sector. We have, for example, recently developed new production processes for catalyst supports, battery materials, and a variety of construction materials.

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