Yttrium Aluminate – IBUpart® YAlO3

Base Material for Advanced Ceramics: Oxidation & Creep Resistance, High Thermal Stability

IBUpart® Yttrium Aluminate is a high-quality powder, produced by thermal treatment of raw materials in pulsation reactors – a basic material for highest requirements ceramics and a possibility for phosphorescent phosphors. The material properties strongly depend on the thermal treatment, which for decades has been the core competence of IBU-tec. It influences the properties, which makes various end applications possible. Downstream doping additionally influences the properties of the yttrium-aluminum oxides and can enable further applications.

High IR transmission, Good mechanical strength and creep resistance

Transparency and good bullet resistance for application as optical ceramics - for example in composite windows for military and special protection vehicles (with or without doping)

Optical properties allow versatile application in optics and electronics as well as gemstones

Luminescence after doping with RE elements: High intensity optical emission Cerium-doped yttrium aluminate in polycrystalline form as luminescent material in LEDs

Properties and Application of Yttrium Aluminum Oxide

Yttrium aluminate also has excellent creep resistance at high temperatures, high oxidation resistance, high thermal conductivity and good thermal stability. The creep rate of the oxides produced at IBU-tec is 2.5 × 10-9 %/s at 1,700 °C and 100 MPa, which is 1/10 of the creep rate of single-crystal Al2O3 under similar conditions. From this high creep resistance, yttrium aluminum oxide powder can find application as a material for the production of high temperature composite materials.

 IBUpart® YAlO3
Specific surface area12 ± 2 m2/g
Primary particle size100 – 1000 nm
Agglomerate size1 – 2 µm
Purity57.05 Y2O3 / 42.95 Al2O3
Bulk density200 – 300 kg/m3
Crystallographic phaseYAlO3
Possible applications
  • Bulk-Material in LEDs and in cathode ray tubes
  • Electroluminescence Display Technology
  • Optical ceramics

Yttrium Aluminate – Production and Experience

IBU-tec has experience in the development and production of yttrium aluminate powders. Thus, powder materials with different phase compositions can be provided, which can be used for bulk material as well as for phosphorescent phosphors.

By doping the oxides, the properties of yttrium aluminate ceramics can be significantly modified, opening up applications in lighting technology, laser technology, optoelectronics and also as jewelry stones.