Quality Assurance & Environmental Management

Certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

At IBU-tec, we offer our customers the best possible product quality, coupled with outstanding service, meeting or exceeding requirements. At the same time, we strive to minimize negative environmental impact in respect of all interested parties. Therefore, we voluntarily subject ourselves to inspections and audits through independent third parties, e.g. clients and certification bodies, that we pass regularly.

Processes at IBU-tec

Continuous quality improvement and good environmental stewardship are fundamental guiding principles at IBU-Tec and seamlessly integrated into the company’s management system. Potential impacts on the environment are analyzed, identified and effectively managed at all levels through the employment of the latest industry knowledge developments and the use of cutting-edge equipment, allowing for the saving of valuable resources as well as the environment.

IBU-tec managers are trained to systematically develop employee skills to their full potential and create a safe and productive working environment for all concerned.  

Our risk management plan seeks to identify potential risks at an early stage and take the necessary measures to improve process and product quality. The aim is to avoid errors and consistently eliminate discovered sources of error, constantly improve processes and thus ensure the quality of production and eliminate environmental risk saving time, money and the environment.

You can find the in-depth version of our company policy linked here.