E-Chemistry Laboratory

Applications Technology of our Cathode Active Materials

IBU-tec develops and produces battery materials, which we characterize in our E-Chemistry Laboratory: Battery cells are manufactured on a laboratory scale in order to test and benchmark performance.

Determining Electrochemical Properties

Our E-Chemistry Laboratory in Weimar covers all battery materials research methods under one roof: from chemical-physical analysis and electrode technology to cell preparation and defined charging and discharging under climate-controlled conditions. The focus is on understanding and controlling the electrochemical processes on the surfaces and in volume.

The quality and performance of the verified battery materials are established in order to determine the performance parameters of IBU-tec produced material and to be able to take the outcomes into account in further development.

From Active Powder to Battery Test

The entire process from powder material to cell preparation is covered by modern equipment for the electrochemical investigation of battery materials in button cells (CR2016, CR2025 and CR2032) and Swagelok cells.

The electrode slurry is prepared under a controlled atmosphere, applied with micrometer precision, and the electrode then calendered, where temperatures up to 100°C can be controlled. The stamped electrodes are then deep dried under vacuum at temperatures up to 300°C and introduced into the glovebox under argon atmosphere, where cell construction takes place at controlled oxygen humidity levels.

For characterizing cell composition and for performing test on the battery materials, we have equipment in the range up to ±5A and ±10V. In addition to capacitive voltage measurements, we can also implement various pulse methods and switching between potentiostatic and galvanostatic mode in less than 10μs. The devices are also suitable for sophisticated characterization methods such as electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.

E-Chemistry Laboratory Equipment

  • From Slurry to Finished Battery Cell

    From Slurry to Finished Battery Cell

    • Centrifugal mixer
    • Slurry coating applicator with heating function
    • Vacuum furnace with heating option
    • Cutting press
    • Precision scale
    • Calender with heating function
    • Hydraulic crimper with set for post-mortem analysis
    • SP Glovebox with gas purifier and controllable atmosphere
  • Electrochemical Tests

    Electrochemical Tests

    • Battery test system with power range: ± 6V; ±5A
    • Potentiostat with power range: ± 10V; ±1A