Pre- & Post-Processing Equipment at IBU-tec

Completing Your Processing Package

Our portfolio of ancillary equipment rounds out our thermal processing to create an all-in-one service packages. We deliver your product in exactly the condition that you want! Additional processing steps can be added using accessory modules that are attached directly to the thermal processing equipment.

Professional Pre- and Post-Treatment

For the pre-treatment of raw materials, we offer crushing, granulating, classifying and mixing equipment; dissolving and impregnating of materials and the preparation of wet powders can be catered for to.

Additional devices will be added to our processing systems if your project demands them, including magnetic separators and sieves. For effective treatment of exhaust gases, we have dust filters, DeNOx systems, thermal oxidizer units and gas scrubbers. If any piece of equipment needs to be adapted for a specific project, our in-house workshop is always available to realize the special requirement.

Let IBU-tec handle the complete process including any of these steps – You will get you target material in exactly the condition you need. This will save you time and investment costs whilst simplifying your supply chain, ultimately, allowing you to reduce time-to-market considerably.

  • Conveying and Dosing Equipment

    Conveying and Dosing Equipment

    In order to ensure safe and stable operations, raw materials have to be accurately dosed and reliably conveyed. Continuously changing raw materials means constantly shifting dosing and feeding requirements for the different processes. These variables require experience and the right equipment. IBU-tec has both.

    Screw ConveyorsGravimetric dosing unit with screw feedDosing belt scale
    Conveyor beltsVolumetric dosing screwsDisplacement and peristaltic pumps
    Disc ConveyorsVibration chutes & conveyorsMembrane pumps & Spraying lances
    Pneumatic ConveyorsGravimetric feedersRotary feeders
  • Mixing and Granulation Units

    Mixing and Granulation Units

    Our mixing and granulating units are selected to be as versatile as possible for trials, product optimization-projects, material development and market launch projects. Highly adaptable, they can handle a wide range of throughput rates, making for perfect project conditions.

    TypNumber on siteTypical sizeAttainable throughputmaterial typeSpecifications / special characteristics
    EIRICH Intensive mixer R021Useable vol.:
    3.5 l

    Stainless steel

    Laboratory mixer
    EIRICH Intensive mixer R091Useable vol.:
    150 l
    up to 300 kg/h

    Stainless steel

    Batch mixer, suitable for trials or production
    EIRICH Intensive mixer R111Useable vol.:
    250 l
    up to1,000 kg/hCarbon steelBatch mixer, suitable for trials or production, automated
    Cone mixer21 x à 1,500 l
    1 x à 2,500 l
    up to 400 kg/h

    Stainless steel

    Batch mixer, suitable for trials or production
    Lödige ploughshare mixer64 x à
    600 l
    1 x à
    300 l
    1 x à
    1,600 l
    up to 600 kg/hStainless steelBatch mixer, suitable for trials or production,
    1x with chopper devices & jacket for heating and cooling
    Mixing Silo1ca. 10 m3 Stainless steelInternal screw conveyor
  • Screening and Classifying

    Screening and Classifying

    Our screening and sorting equipment covers a wide spectrum of particle sizes (0.04 to 7 mm) with a sharp size resolution ready for nearly any separation task. Combined with granulating and thermal processing systems, we can organize your projects much more effectively.

    TypNumber on siteAttainable throughputMesh dimensions

    Specifications / special characteristics

    Multi-deck screening machine1up to 1,000 kg/h0.1mm - 7mm7 decks
    Vibration-screening machine1up to 500 kg/h40µm - 1,000µm2 decks / ultrasonic cleaning
    Vibration-screening machine1up to 350 kg/h40µm - 1,000µm2 decks / ball cleaning
    Round vibration sieve1

    up to 350 kg/h

    40µm - 1,000µm2 decks / ultrasonic cleaning
    Single deck screen2up to 100 kg/h0.2mm - 5mm1 deck / only for removal of oversized and undersized particles
  • Exhaust Gas Treatment

    Exhaust Gas Treatment

    To meet all applicable environmental protection  regulations, as well as our own even stricter company guidelines, we use a variety of exhaust gas treatment methods to safeguard our planet:

    Thermal oxidizers and exhaust gas cleaning

    DeNOx systems to denitrogenize the exhaust gas

    Filter systems to remove dust from the exhaust gas

    Gas scrubbers, venture-scrubbers (wet gas scrubbers) for the removal of particulates and absorbable gases (acidic and alkaline washes)

    Dust analysis in the treated gas, final police filter

    Use of adsorbents to remove acidic components

Your Benefits:

  • All-in-one, professional material treatment
  • Simplified supply chain saves you time and money
  • Processing systems individually configurable to your project
  • Equipment customization tailored to your project-requirements