Coating & Impregnation

Surface Coverings

Coatings give materials a different surface: sometimes for aesthetic reasons, but most often to give the material different functional properties. Coatings are a very active area of research to achieve new qualities and applications.

Coating Options

One example is protective coatings to shield materials in some way, making it resistant to water or UV-radiation. They can also lend it completely new functions, such as when an inert carrier material is coated with a catalytic substance.

The type of process used to apply a coating is usually determined by the nature of the material. Fine particles or granular bulk materials will need a different treatment than larger formed parts.

At IBU-tec, we can carry out coating of materials in combination with treatment of the material beforehand or afterwards in rotary kilns. Most often, the raw material is first coated in a mixer, and then the coating is cured or transformed by thermal treatment in a rotary kiln in order to create the desired characteristics of the product. A good example is the coating of proppants or gravel packs with phenolic resin, which is then hardened in the kiln.

If you need any help with projects that require a coating or impregnation step, please contact us! We will be happy to advise you.