Tolling Services

Flexible Production Capacity for Your Projects – From a Few Kilograms to 50 Tons/Day

Tolling services that give you a secure supply of high-quality products and offer a wider range of process equipment – without any investment risk.

Flexible Production with Assured Quality

With IBU-tec, there is no need to worry about your production capacity or possible investment costs. IBU-tec has highly versatile thermal processing equipment with the ability to conduct production runs for you. We employ our years of experience to guarantee you consistently high quality results, whether in pilot scale production, overflow production or routine tolling services. Our guarantee is affirmed yearly through DIN EN ISO 9001 audit certification.

You can have complete confidence in our professional, high-quality tolling services, whether your material needs

We have a long and successful track record in process engineering, chemistry and mineralogy, coupled with flexible production facilities: everything you need for trouble-free tolling services. If you currently lack the necessary process parameters for industrial-scale production, IBU-tec can carry out a trial program to establish the process.

Lower Investment Risk – Quicker Time to Market

Avoid the substantial risk of high investment costs associated with the acquisition of new production infrastructure. IBU-tec’s tolling services offers you an attractive and reliable alternative that you can use to reduce costs and time – lowering your time-to-market considerably. At IBU-tec, you have access to a wide range of rotary kilns in various sizes and multiple configuration possibilities. Additionally, for ultra-fine powders the pulsation reactors are highly suited as an alternative to conventional production methods. Our tolling services are dedicated to the flexible application of the latest technologies, efficient resource use, short delivery times and the highest quality standards.

We'll Help You Out When Capacity is Tight

If your material production requires perfect execution. IBU-tec tolling will deliver the quality you need, whether the amount of product is a few kilograms or 50 metric tons/day. We guarantee not only exact adherence to your specifications, but on time delivery and exceptional personal service from beginning to end of the project.

Our expert analysts monitor every production step to ensure the quality of your product. If your storage facilities reach their capacity, we can assist you here as well; our in-house logistics center will coordinate with you to ensure problem free warehouse services.

The Ideal Production Conditions for Your Projects

16 Rotary kilns and 8 pulsation reactors of various size and heating systems provide you with optimal conditions for toll production. Here is an overview of your options.

Be it dosing units, granulators or screening equipment – IBU-tec production capacities can be efficiently adapted to suit any customer-specification as required. Professional exhaust-gas treatment is in place. Learn about our capabilities.

Through its countless variety of successfully completed projects employing innumerably different manufacturing processes, IBU-tec has accumulated decades worth of experience that we use to benefit our clients with every new manufacturing job.

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