Equity Story

Highly specialized service provider in growth markets

IBU-tec advanced materials AG is a highly specialized, fast-growing development and production service provider in the thermal processing technology sector, for the treatment of inorganic powders and granules. After applicable treatment, these substances are given modified and much improved material properties.

IBU-tec embraces and advances developing global megatrends such as green mobility (e-mobility and automotive catalysts), green economics (e.g. CO2-reduced building materials, rare earths and stationary energy storage) and leading edge medical technology advancements (including artificial joints and dental prostheses) via its broad, international customer base. IBU-tecs' basis for market success is the comprehensive expertise of its 150 employees, its patent-protected process and its proprietary, highly configurable, technology platforms, providing rapid,  customized, cost effective solutions for its customers.

Deutsche Börse, the German Stock Exchange, has produced a video detailing IBU-tec's journey to being a publically traded company. Watch our CEO and CFO share their experiences and impressions about the process (video in German).