Local Commitment

Supporting Society

Since its earliest beginnings, IBU-tec and its predecessors have demonstrated a deep commitment and support for the communities of the Weimar area. As part of our historic responsibility we support a wide range of clubs and projects in the fields of sport, education and other social activities.


Athletics is not only good for ones wellbeing, it also increases an individual’s personal performance, fosters team spirit and helps to instill the important traits of  discipline and dedication – qualities that IBU-tec values highly. Accordingly, we actively support sports in our region, particularly youth focused programs.

Currently, we are the proud sponsors of:

  • Soccer Club SC 1903 Weimar (Supporting young talents)
  • Endurance Sports Club Apolda e. V.
  • The Weimar City Run
  • The Anna Amalia Elementary School (Purchase of new sports equipment)

Community Projects

Education is of the highest importance. We believe the foundation of every society is the development of its youth and that of the welfare of its senior citizens is a shared responsibility. Therefore, we proudly support a variety of projects and organizations benefiting the community, including:

  • Work placements for secondary students
  • A children’s safety book created in association with the Stadtfeuerwehr Weimar e. V.
  • The Lutheran Youth Outreach Program
  • The EC Kromsdorf with a sponsorship for 10 plots of flower strips
  • The Jenaplan-School
  • … and numerous projects benefiting local schools and children