Zirconium Oxide

Starting Material for High-Performance Ceramics

Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), often simply called zirconium oxide. It is a naturally occurring zirconium compound that is used to make high-performance ceramic materials. Zirconium oxide is extremely resistant to both acids and bases, is mechanically very strong and wear-resistant and is highly temperature-stable. The chemical properties of the material, such as which kinds of acids it resists best, can be influenced by the type of thermal processing it is subjected to.

Properties and Applications

Zirconium oxide is suitable for applications that demand mechanical robustness, resistance to wear and a long life, for example as a surface of mechanical parts or as a component of fireproof ceramics. Medical prostheses and dentistry are examples of the more high profile uses of zirconium oxide, making uses of its hardness and resistance to scratches; it is also valued as an additive in many kinds of paint.

Zirconium Oxide – Production and Development

Zirconium oxide cannot be used in its pure form however, because the thermal treatment necessary leads to a phase change that alters the volume of the material so sharply that it would fracture. For this reason, zirconium oxide always has to be mixed with doping substances such as yttrium oxide, cerium oxide or magnesium dioxide, which stabilize its structure.

IBU-tec has vast experience in developing and producing a variety of zirconium oxide products. We can produce powder materials to customer specifications that reach a sinter density greater than 99%, even without hot isostatic pressing. This is made possible by our special processing technology and in-house expertise which allows us to use the material to its full potential. We can control the characteristics of the material precisely, thus producing materials that are best suited for the most demanding applications.

If you need help with development or production of zirconium-oxide products, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.