Press Releases & Material for News Media

Looking for information about IBU-tec? Here are our current and past press releases and general media material for you to use. If you have any other questions, please contact hanf(at) We will be happy to help. You are also welcome to link to our website!


All usage rights for the material provided are with IBU-tec advanced materials AG. It may only be used for your own editorial purposes. Any use other than that, as well as the distribution to third parties, is not permitted. All the used material has to be credited to “IBU-tec advanced materials AG”.


  • "Sicher mit System", Seal of Quality (German)

    pdf, 323 KB

  • DIN ISO 9001/14001 (German)

    pdf, 552 KB

  • DIN ISO 9001/14001 (English)

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Press Photographs

  • Luftbild der IBU-tec advanced materials AG in Jahr 2016, Spezialist für die thermische Verfahrenstechnik

    Aerial View 2016

    jpg, 16 MB

    Main site in Weimar-Ehringsdorf

  • Logistikzentrum in Nohra bei Weimar der IBU-tec

    Logistics Centre Nohra

    jpg, 2 MB

    New building, 2016

  • Management der IBU-tec zum Börsengang im Jahr 2017

    IBU-tec Board and Management

    jpg, 11 MB

    From right to left: Robert Süße (Director Business Development ), Jörg Leinenbach (CFO), Ulrich Weitz (CEO), Toralf Rensch (Division Manager Operations/Technology)

  • IBU-tec Logo

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    IBU-tec company logo