Process & Plant Optimization

Get the Most from Your Plant & Processes

Realize the full potential of your investments: Let us fine-tune your processes, thus improving your energy and raw material efficiency saving you money and material.

Consulting and Optimization

Our experts will analyze your kiln equipment, processes and workflows in order to recommend an effective package of optimization measures. Our analysis is the direct result of real time measurements of your actual ongoing process and will identify concrete potentials for energy and cost savings. You will receive coherent, actionable recommendations of the steps necessary in order to optimize your plant or to expand your production capacity.

An IBU-tec analysis identifies potential problems before they become such, allowing you to safeguard or even enhance your products quality.

Additionally, our engineers will support and advise you on all areas of thermal processing, including the implementation of environmental protection measures in light of applicable regulations.

Performance to the Highest Standard

IBU-tec is an experienced service provider for rotary kiln optimization and related processes. The decades of invaluable experience we have acquired through toll manufacturing, coupled with our relentless program of continuous improvement and our unparalleled expertise in the field of thermal processing, give total ‘start to finish’ support for clients wishing to realize the full potential of their own equipment.

  • Process Measurements

    Process Measurements

    Make your process transparent: IBU-tec carries out professional measurements that will result in a comprehensive evaluation of your plant, materials and processes. The results uncover potential improvements areas that will enable you to save raw material, energy and money. We can design and install measurement equipment as well as test the calibration of your process instrumentation. Even measurements at the most difficult points in the process are possible: A partial list of measurement services we routinely perform includes:

    • Material & energy balance sheets for the entirety of a processing plant and or individual departments: including mass balance, heat balance and heat flow analysis
    • Volume flows, process gases, dust, temperatures of gas, material and vessel walls, including high temperatures and harsh environments
    • Gas concentrations (e.g. O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, HCI, HF, TOC, H2O) in exhaust gas and inside the processing equipment
    • Vibration and pressure, with high time resolution
    • Filter capture rates, heat losses and false air volumes
    • Corrosive exhaust gases (e.g. acid dew point)
    • Conception and installation of measuring systems; inspection and calibration of operational equipment
  • Optimization of Equipment and Processes

    Optimization of Equipment and Processes

    Providing pragmatic solutions! Based upon the measurements, we will generate detailed proposals for the best optimization steps to be taken and uncover the weak points in your operations which keep you from maximizing the performance potential of your processing plant. We will:

    • Analyze your existing processing equipment to identify areas for improvement, calculate your unused performance potential and suggest ways to increase capacity.
    • Save energy and raw material, increase throughput (e.g. by optimizing residence time), assure quality, and ensure stable, interruption-free operations.
    • Draw up recommendations on raw materials and fuels and on how to reduce unwanted side-products or emissions.
    • Calculate material and energy balances of entire production plants, equipment sections and processes.
    • Provide on-site plant evaluation and if appropriate, test variants of processes and equipment in our own facilities, e.g. to optimize kiln internal.
  • Engineering


    Consulting support from the idea to startup of the new equipment – feasibility studies, processing hardware concepts, support for commissioning and everything in between.

    Feasibility Studies

    • Predicting capacity, yield and efficiency of thermal processes and equipment designs
    • Developing concepts for process steps and equipment, design concept
    • Identifying and evaluating possible risks

    Basic Engineering

    • Defining process steps and sequences in engineering terms
    • Drawing equipment schematics and process flow diagrams
    • Compiling guidelines for project planning from a process engineering perspective (e.g. process sequences, material requirements, instrumentation and automation, environmental protection)
    • Balancing of material and energy flows, preparation of a Sankey diagram.
    • Specification of processing hardware at the level of the whole system or individual modules (rotary kiln, preheater, bypass, cooler, dryer, etc.)

    Support during Plant Construction

    • Analysis and comparison of proposals
    • Process-engineering support for kiln manufacturers

    Commissioning Support

    • Commissioning support for every kiln-size: From small-scale to large industrial installations
    • Testing of kiln function and guaranteed parameters
    • Training of plant operating personnel
    • Creation of process documents
  • Consulting


    We are happy to provide independent consulting on any topic related to thermal processing, for example:

    • Advice on operation of thermal processing plants
    • Support for process tests using your own plant/equipment
    • Surveying/assessment of your plant & equipment especially in terms of process engineering
    • Root cause investigation of process malfunctions

Your Benefits

  • Increase throughput: Utilize the full potential of your existing plant
  • Reduce operating cost: More efficient raw material / energy use
  • Improve product quality: Rotary kiln process optimization
  • Gain kiln availability: Optimize related processes
  • Lower emissions: During the process and in exhaust treatment
  • Reduce unwanted byproducts: Improve mode of operation
  • Minimize breakdowns and ensure optimal operation
  • Support in the design of new processing plants
  • Get access to experts with decades of experience