IBU-tec advanced materials AG develops next-generation batteries within the framework of research projects

- The IBU-tec Group participates actively in the development of innovative battery materials and strengthens its market position in this field

- Focus on the upgrading of the own IBU-tec battery material

- Research with renowned partners in the field of solid state batteries, amongst others

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Weimar, 07 April 2021 – IBU-tec advanced materials AG ("IBU-tec", ISIN: DE000A0XYHT5) will
participate in three publicly funded research projects for the advancement of innovative battery
materials. The objective of the funded projects is to develop new battery materials for e-mobility as
well as for stationary and further industry-relevant applications. In this way, the IBU-tec Group
leverages its strong market position as well as its know-how in the field of battery materials to develop
new combinations of materials and applications. As a result of the participation in the research group,
IBU-tec will also expedite the development of own battery products.

The partners of the research projects are, amongst others, the renowned Fraunhofer Society, the
Technical University of Braunschweig as well as some well-known industrial companies from the
automotive industry, for instance. With this strong group of partners the core areas of the value chain
in battery production are covered. Following a successful evaluation of the outline proposal, the
funding application has already been submitted and the project implementation will probably start
during the 2nd half of 2021. The funding projects are entitled: “Battery materials for future
electromobility, stationary, and other industry-relevant applications (Battery 2020 Transfer)” and are
part of the framework programme: “From Material to Innovation”.

In two projects IBU-tec focuses on the technical advancement of solid-state batteries. In a third funding
project IBU-tec deals with new technologies for a resource-friendly and CO2-saving production of
cathodes. In this way IBU-tec participates actively in the development of next-generation batteries and
hence clearly expands its innovation basis.

Ulrich Weitz, CEO of IBU-tec advanced materials AG: “The further development of battery materials is
highly significant for the renewable energy landscape. We are very proud that we can advance the
technological development, together with strong partners from industry and research. As IBU-tec
Group we cannot only continue to expand our know-how in this growth segment but also significantly
strengthen our network. This means that in future, too, we will noticeably benefit from the mega
trends concerning batteries and stationary battery storage systems.”

About IBU-tec
The IBU-tec Group develops and produces innovative materials of the highest quality for the industry.
It combines unique, partly patent-protected thermal process engineering, with the process and
material know-how of around 250 highly qualified employees. The products are important
components of battery materials for electric mobility and stationary energy storage, as well as
solutions for air purification, resource conservation or the reduction of plastic packaging. IBU-tec is
thus in a long-term position to respond to global mega trends, especially in the fields of climate and
environmental protection. It has an international customer base ranging from innovative mediumsized
companies to global corporations.

Further information can be found online at www.ibu-tec.de.

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