IBU-tec advanced materials AG: MBTC capacity doubled through completion of new production plant

- Doubling of production volume to 1,000 tons per year

- Newly developed and patented process with higher efficiency

- High product demand following the exit of the last European competitor

- Capacity increase of 55 percent already in H2 2023 – full capacity expected by 2025


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Weimar/Bitterfeld, 23 February 2023 - IBU-tec advanced materials AG (“IBU-tec”, ISIN: DE000A0XYHT5) has completed a new production plant for the glass coating product monobutyltin trichloride (MBTC) at its subsidiary BNT Chemicals GmbH. After ramp-up in the coming months, the plant will double BNT’s production capacity for MBTC to approximately 1,000 metric tons per year. This will enable IBU-tec and its subsidiary BNT, as the only remaining European manufacturer of this product, to meet the significantly increased demand following the withdrawal of a competitor in 2021 and to significantly expand its market position. IBU-tec is already planning a capacity increase of 55 percent this year compared to 2022. The plant is expected to be fully utilized by 2025.

For the first time, IBU-tec is using a new, proprietary process in the plant that significantly optimizes the MBTC production process. This ensures a considerably more efficient production method with an increase in material yield. The patent application process has already begun. With an investment in the mid-single-digit millions, the plant represents the largest single investment since the acquisition of BNT by IBU-tec. Construction took around 21 months, with the IBU-tec Group providing numerous engineering services for itself. Following the mechanical completion of the plant, the commissioning phase will now begin, during which the equipment will be subjected to extensive quality tests. Commissioning is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023.

MBTC is primarily used in the manufacture of container glass, such as beverage bottles and jars. It is used to make the glass stronger and more scratch resistant so that bottles can be reused more than 20 times in the return bottle system. There are only four major manufacturers of MBTC in the world capable of producing in significant quantities.

Jörg Leinenbach, Co-CEO and CFO of IBU-tec: “The completion of our new MBTC plant is a milestone for IBU-tec and another important step in the implementation of our IBU2025 strategy. We have now laid the foundation for achieving our MBTC sales target in 2025. In view of the high demand, we expect to achieve the first major volume increases this year and to fully utilize our capacity in the next two years.”

About IBU-tec

The IBU-tec Group develops and produces innovative materials of the highest quality for industry. It combines unique thermal process technology, some of which is patented, with the process and material know-how of around 250 highly qualified employees.

The company's own products include LFP battery material, which is an important component of batteries for electromobility and stationary energy storage, as well as solutions for air purification, resource conservation and the reduction of plastic packaging. IBU-tec is thus well positioned for the long term in global megatrends - especially climate and environmental protection - and has an international customer base ranging from innovative medium-sized companies to global corporations.


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